Birthday Fundraisers on Facebook

Do you do birthday fundraisers on Facebook? If not, you should.  This one took a hair under six minutes to set up.

And not only on your birthday -- recruit your pack to set up fundraisers on their birthdays as well. It's easy and Facebook sends folks handy reminders on their own birthdays. 

You can also check and see who has birthdays this month and ask them to consider setting one up for you.

Shot a quick video for you on how to set them up HERE: (or copy paste this link:

(Funny thing -- first time I played this back, I thought a dog was nibbling on some kibble somewhere and actually got up to look! Nope -- that's just me typing! You can hear Natty in the background and Ron taking them out for a potty break. Started to take it all out but I thought it was funny.)

I set this one up at 8:58.

By 10:10, this was the status:

1010 status

The downside? You have to way for Facebook to funnel the money to you, but that's no big deal.