Do you have a grant program yet?

Do you have a grant program yet?

So many groups talk about getting their 501(c)3 LOD -- Letter of Determination, for you civilians -- so that they can apply for grants. Yet years later, they've yet to apply for the first one.

Why is that?

Well, mostly because the whole process is somewhat confusing and can be daunting the first time through it. But here's what the pro's do -- they build a grant template. Yep, they do the first one, then modify it for the next one, add those new paragraphs in to be reused -- it's all recycled. 

The first one is the toughest, no doubt. So...

Next week, I'll be holding an online grant proposal workshop. You and me, we're gonna walk through it. Get it right the first time. Build that first template.

Once you've got that done, you'll be in great shape to do the next one on your own. 

We'll be using this RFP for the exercise, so go check it out.

This particular training will be for paid subscribers only. Sorry, folks. If you want it, sign up for a month long membership and cancel after it's over.