Facebook pixels and other big magic

Facebook pixels and other big magic


Are people who like your Facebook page seeing all your stuff?  Nope, probably not. Unless they've turned on all notifications -- and I posted a video on how to do that a few days ago -- they're only seeing a small part of the posts you work so hard on. 


You may have noticed this in your own newsfeed. Say there's 1500 pieces of content posted by friends and groups and Pages you've liked in any one day. You'll probably see only around 300 items.


 For a lot of groups, the change made a profound business in their operations. Donations dried up and many were left floundering to make up the difference.


What to do? 



Well, first, look again at that video on how to turn on notifications. You'll want to remind your people every so often about that.


Second, put up good stuff. Ask people to like and to share. This will increase what Facebook calls your "organic" reach, and nothing beats that.


Third, look at your Page Insights and see which of your posts are doing well and which aren't. Once you see what your readers like and share, you can do more of that to help you improve your organic reach.


Finally, consider using a Facebook pixel on your website. Well -- no -- don't consider it. DO IT. 


What's a Facebook pixel? It's a scrap of javascript code that enables you to retarget the people who visit your website, regardless of whether they sign up for your newsletter or do anything at all. You want this -- you really do. 


Because I'm getting so many questions on this, I put together a quick video to explain how to install the Facebook pixel. Ignore the Pyr who decided we were being attacked by feral leaves. 


Here's the link to it. https://youtu.be/k5iVWOdh7Vg