Vet Bill Resources #2

PET URL INFO Breed / Condition / Location Specific Requirements                                            
Dog Guide and Service Dogs for Veterans VA pays for veterinary care and equipment required for the optimal use of the dog. Includes office visits for medical and dental procedures. Does not include OTC medications, foods, treats, or non-sedated dental care. Prescribed food reviewed on case-by-case basis. Vaccinations must be current. Dog must have been provided through an accredited agency. None.
Dog Lessons from a Paralyzed Dog Teaches people how to care for their paralyzed dog. None.
Cat Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Provides emergency financial assistance to owners unable to afford veterinary care for their cat diagnosed with Vaccine Assisted Sarcoma (VAS), also known as Injection Site Sarcoma (ISS). Emergencies ONLY for cats with VAS. None.
Cat Diabetic Cats in Need For cat owners whose pet is in the middle of an emergency and needs financial help. Diabetic cats, emergency only. None.
Dog and Cat Paws4ACure Provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford veterinary care. Does not pay for diagnostics or for treatment in advance of approval. Grants paid valid for 60 days only. None.
Dog and Cat The Pet Fund Pet owner must contact Pet fund before applying - applications otherwise will not be processed. Doesn't fund emergencies. Works ONLY on non-basic, non-urgent care. None.
Dog and Cat The Shakespeare Animal Fund Helps elderly, disabled, and those whose income does not exceed current poverty guidelines to obtain emergency pet care. Does not pay for routine treatment, vaccinations, or spay/neuter. Emergencies only. None.
Dog and Cat Rose’s Fund for Animals Pet must have life threatening injury, illness, or condition and require immediate medical attention to survive. Does not cover routine dental, spay/neuter, and some other conditions. Recipients of free loand fund financial assistance are expected to replenish the fund. None.
Dog and Cat Big Hearts Fund For non-geriatric dogs and cats with heart disease. None.
Dog and Cat Frankie's Friends Dedicated to finding cures for pets with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Only treatment is funded - not initial examinations, diagnostic testing spay/neuters, euthanization, or primary or preventive care. Fund also requests a discount from the veterinary service provider. None.