Vet Bill Resources #3

PET URL INFO Breed / Condition / Location Specific Requirements                                            
Dog and Cat Pets of the Homeless Supports homeless pet owners with programs that provide free pet food, free emergency care, sponsor wellness clinics, and sleeping crates to homeless shelters. None.
Dog and Cat Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation Assists owners of pets unable to pay for cancer treatment. None.
Dog and Cat Pet Assistance, Inc. Veterinary care subsidies for urgent or life-threatening emergencies only. Longtime pet owners only, not new or recently acquired pets. Does not finance procedures already performed. Routine care, costly diagnostics (MRIs, CT scans, etc.) or ongoing illnesses are not funded. None.
Dog and Cat Red Rover Must apply through the RedRover website. Typical grant is approximately $200, which is intended to fill a small gap in finances that is keeping the pet from care. Applications submitted in advance must include a diagnosis and treatment plan. Animals must be spayed/neutered already or during the course of treatment. Previously performed treatment will not be funded. None.
Dog and Cat The Riedel & Cody Fund For dogs and cats with cancer. Only chemotherapy and radiation treatments are funded. Surgery expenses are not funded. Cancer diagnosis must be from a board certified veterinary oncologist. Only future bills are funded and will be paid directly to the Veterinarian, Clinic, or Hospital providing the services. None.
Dog and Cat Rose's Fund For Animals Provides assistance with life-threatening conditions under the following guidelines: 1) must have a life threatening condition; 2) must require immediate veterinary intervention for the pet to survive; 3) veterinarian's prognosis should indicate a positive outcome. The following aren't covered: routine medical care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, maintenance medications, care for pets with poor prognosis, and preventable diseases caused by a lack of vaccinations or veterinary care (exceptions made for rescued animals already afflicted.) None.
Dog and Cat Handicapped Pets Foundation Provides new or reconditioned wheelchairs to pets in need. Dedicated to helping disabled pets move, enabling them to get the exercise they need. None.
Dog and Cat TogetherRxACCESS Individuals and families without prescription drug coverage can gain access to immediate savings on hundreds of brand-name and generic prescription products at their neighborhood pharmacies. None.
Dog and Cat Ian Somerhalder Foundation Provides financial assistance to organizations, agencies, and in some cases individual rescuers responsible for the care of animals recovering from abuse, neglect, or injuries suffered from a traumatic event. None.
Dog and Cat Varidi On-line payment program allowing veterinarians to offer flexible and affordable in-house payment plans. Your veterinarian must enroll to participate. None.
Dog and Cat Scratch Pay Offers simple and affordable payment plans for large vet bills. None.