Get your dog rescue group funded

Ready to break out of the rat race for funding?

Cool. Because I need some case studies for this new system I've worked out. 

If you're willing to share your financials and try out a new way of planning your finances, let's talk. For the case studies, I can use a fake name for your group, if you'd like.

I have a couple of requirements.

First, I want to get a solid picture of where you stand now and where you want to be. You don't have to come up with this on your own -- we'll talk and figure it out. Yes, there'll be some work involvled, but you'll have a lot of help with it, including assistance with graphics, websites, and legal stuff. 

Second, you've got to be legal with your State and the feds. Be registered with whatever entities you have to do, be up to date on all that crap. I have a friend who's an ace at all that stuff, so if you're NOT, we can help you get there.

Third, nothing illegal. If it's illegal to do a raffle in your state -- and it IS in most states -- then we can't work with that.

Fourth -- and believe it or not, this is going to cause a stink -- you must be willing to commit to paying a rescue director at some point. It must be factored into your budget. I'm not saying six figures, but I AM saying that the rescue director must get an honorarium, stipend, whatever you want to call it. Sorry, I'm hard and fast on that one.  For my reasoning on why, please take a look at this blog article.  

Finally, if you're a drama queen or pain in the ass, I reserve the right to boot you from the program. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Still interested? Then hit me up on Facebook. We'll be doing most of our group work in a closed Facebook Group.