Donation Chemistry

Donation Chemistry

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Why do donors do what they do? More specifically, why do they decide to donate to your group? Well, it has to do with dinosaurs....  Check out the Introductory lesson -- it's free! -- and you'll see what I mean. 

This course is composed of an hour and ten minutes of lectures on building and running individual animal fundraisers. It includes a pdf of 13 examples of fundraisers, with commentary pointing out what's right and wrong, slides of all vidoes, and access to a private Facebook group. 

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Short Description

The fundamentals and practices of donation chemistry


  • [Lesson] Introduction to Donation Chemistry Duration: 9:24 mins
  • [Lesson] Donation Chemistry: Dopamine
    Duration: 14:23
  • [Lesson] Donation Chemistry: Oxytocin
    Duration: 7:40
  • [Lesson] Donation Chemistry: Serotonin
    Duration: 8:46
  • [Lesson] Donation Chemistry: Practical Applications
    Duration: 20:48

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