Free Graphics Design programs

Canva:   This is a great web-resident program that reminds me of Microsoft Publisher. It's got a ton of templates and a nice selection of free stock photos and formats. Included is a large library of stock photos priced at $1. Great for flyers, Facebook ads, website graphics and freelance projects.  REALLY easy to use. 

Gimp:  Pretty much Photoshop but free.  Mac and Windows. It's been around a long time and is very stable and well-known.

Pixlr:  For your cell phone, iOs or Android. Wide range of effects and capabilities. Primarily a photo editor. Removes red eyes, crops, all that.

Acorn: Another phone app, but more like Photoshop, with layers. A version of the Paint program originally shipped with Windows and still Windows-only. Many of the capabilities of Photoshop. 

Sumopaint:  Browser or iPad, Photoshop-styled application.

BONUS:  Great FREEEEEE screen capture (still or video) at -- get the JING free one. Camtasia is great -- same place -- if you need longer or more complex videos.

 For more on many of these programs as well as low cost programs, check out the Blog Post at

There's also a great collection of free or low-cost alternatives listed here:

And for 501(c)3 groups, you can get many very low cost deals on Adobe programs if you register with . You can check out the Adobe offer at  Note that if you get the Creative Cloud, you can install it on TWO computers for the same price.